July 2018 – All Women Space Innovators Speak at NYC Salon on the Space Economy

Featuring Harumi Urata-Thompson

by Harumi Urata-Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of celestialdata

At the Executive Salon event curated by Insights Studio (Aleksandra Lacka, who was also a facilitator) and hosted at gorgeous Bank of America (thank you, Cristy Kaur) building! It was all girl panel with dr. Martina Zorc and Keri Kukral, discussing outerspace business. Since when the initial space race started back in the 50s, many technologies developed including space but space business growth has only started.

Downtown Magazine’s coverage of the salon event, “Insightful Outer Space Conversations At Insights Salon”, aptly describes:

“The goal of the event was to bring together international experts in the space industry and executives from across several other industries. These leaders engaged in a meaningful conversation about the impact of advancements in outer space industry on our lives and wealth here on earth.”

“Harumi Urata[-Thompson], an investment expert, further shed light on the fragmented nature of space venture financing and the predominant role being played by the private sector.”

Originally posted on LinkedIn with followup piece by Downtown Magazine

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