July 2018 – The Genesis of Celestialdata

Featuring Airvantis, predecessor to celestialdata, and Co-Founders Lucas Fonseca & Harumi Urata-Thompson

by Harumi Urata-Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of celestialdata

Airvantis got ranked top 5 in the category of #BigData by The 100 Open Startups Ranking in #Brazil with the portion of its business that will be broken out into a data focused company, @celestialdata.io. Lucas Fonseca and I are quite excited as this gives us a verification point and more!

We really want to make the #space business as #sustainable and accessible as possible but it is not easy. We are consulting different people to make sure that our business model is solid and attractive at the moment and utilizing the very-earth technologies like #blockchain and #AI to use the best infrastructure we possibly can to set this up.

If you are interested in #outerspace business, we are always happy to get your feedback as we move this forward!

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