Aug 2018 – SpaceTech in the Space Economy

Featuring Harumi Urata-Thompson speaking at CorpStarter’s Space Economy conference

by Harumi Urata-Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of celestialdata

It was great speaking at “Keep Looking Up: The Future of the Space Economy” conference hosted by #CorpStarter. It’s been a few years since when the phrase XyzTech emerged and has become our everyday vocabulary word (such as FinTech, MedTech, PropTech etc…). Of all of them, #SpaceTech seems like one of more romanticized but a less exposed one. This gives us more opportunities to develop community though, as we have a lot that we can learn from each other.

SpaceTech projects are not as long term as they are commonly believed (at least some of them) and there are investors who specialize in the field. There is far more private segment money in this industry than that of the government and a lot of #innovations are coming from entities that are not organizations like NASA.  And the great thing is SpaceTech doesn’t have to be built standalone but it can leverage other exciting earth technologies like #AI and #Blockchain, for example! Companies like SpaceX are a great conversation starter but this industry goes far beyond that.

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