Nov 2018 – The SpaceCom Entrepreneur Summit

Featuring Airvantis, and Lucas Fonseca & Harumi Urata-Thompson

by Harumi Urata-Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of celestialdata

So proud to have one of the companies that I represent, Airvantis, to be selected to take a part of SpaceCom’s Entrepreneurship Workshop & #Competition! Airvantis is a company that aims to provide a science platform on the #moon (WeWork in outerspace, anyone?) that will eventually become a big data management company that allows microgravity-simulated environment for the #biotech / #pharma / #healthcare companies (and most likely beyond).

A project like this brings together everything that our future holds for us – #data, #AI, #sustainable development environment, last humanity frontier, etc. Oh by the way, not to miss out on some of the emerging technologies, we are looking into #blockchain as a possible mechanism to distribute data as well!

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