Nov 2018 – “Space, Inc.” Documentary Taps Space Economy Experts

Featuring Lucas Fonseca as one of the panel of experts interviewed by filmmakers of Space, Inc. documentary

by Harumi Urata-Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of celestialdata

Space, Inc., a #Space business documentary film! It is always exciting to talk about technology or business that seems far from our daily lives yet are so intertwined. Would we have freeze dry food today if not for the astronauts? Where do you think these “cordless” devices originally come from? There are thousands of these items that can be traced back to something that were originated by NASA and other space businesses. Think of all these science fiction movies. When we originally saw them, who thought some of these gadgets would become available one day?

Co-Founder and Chief Space Officer of celestialdata, Lucas Fonseca was among a panel of space experts interviewed by filmmakers Felipe Almeida and Daniel Alvarez.

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