Nov 2018 – Celestialdata Wins 2nd Place in Inaugural Competitive Entry

Featuring Harumi Urata-Thompson and Lucas Fonseca at InnoBay Global Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

by Harumi Urata-Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of celestialdata came in second at its first competition! Just as great as the result itself was the feedback that was received.

Whenever you start doing something new, whether it is a project, career, purchasing a house, or whatever it may be, incorporating feedback becomes a vital part of your venture and it comes in many different forms. It is great when someone provides comments, but also they come in may different forms like questions, facial expression, body language and others. When I was interviewing for a business school years ago, one of my interviewers gave me a valuable lesson that I will never forget. Communication is not just about projecting your opinions but taking in the information that is provided to you.

Originally posted on LinkedIn.

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