Nov 2019 – Celestialdata on Space Business Models at Tokyo FinTech’s “Broader Horizons” Meetup Event

Featuring Co-Founder of celestialdata, Harumi Urata-Thompson, CEO presenting at the Broader Horizons Tokyo FinTech Meetup Event

“So why not reach for the stars and start with SPACE?” is how Tokyo FinTech launched its inaugural “Broader Horizons” sub-series.

Harumi Urata-Thompson, CEO of celestialdata and Chris Blackerby, COO of Astroscale sat with Tokyo FinTech’s Norbert Gehrke at the “Broader Horizons” Meetup event, “Space with Astroscale & Celestialdata”.

Presenting to an enthusiastic audience in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan, Harumi and Chris described the goals of their respective companies as emerging businesses. A great deal of what’s involved in driving a better understanding of the New Space Economy’s business eco-system is to promote learning about types of business models. Thanks to Harumi and Chris for their tireless energy and enthusiasm for the New Space Economy!

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