Space Generation Advisory Council Presents “Space Entrepreneurship: Development and implementation of a space economy in the region”

Featuring Co-Founder of celestialdata, Lucas Fonseca, Chief Space Officer

Lucas Fonseca recently spoke amongst a panel of startups and space experts on the SG Latin American Webinar Series #4: titled “Development and implementation of a space economy in the region.” The event was held online on May 25 @ 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM CDT.

Lucas, who is from Brazil, presented alongside a panel of entrepreneur peers from Chile and Mexico on the trends, challenges, and opportunities for New Space startups in the New Space Economy in Latin America.

According to the Space Generation Advisory Council, sponsor of the event:

“In the early stages of space exploration most activities were undertaken or guided by states, however there is a current trend of private companies developing several aspects of space exploration. From launch services to satellite parts manufacturing, including Earth observation services and space tourism, private initiatives have flourished towards a new age of space exploration, a philosophy known as NewSpace.

This trend has been allowed by the development of the markets, cheaper technology, new regulations, appearance of new applications for a broader audience, and new opportunities for commercial exploitation of space resources. The South American region could benefit from the development of a space economy ecosystem, by providing a benchmark for the appearance of private companies tackling space applications.”

Space Generation Advisory Council

**This session was delivered in Spanish

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