June 2018 – Brazil Flights Student Spaceflight Experimental Program

Featuring the Garatea Mission and Airvantis, “sister” company to celestialdata

by Harumi Urata-Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of celestialdata

About 5 months ago, I wrote about the first Student Spaceflight Experimental Program (#SSEP) that was selected out of Brazil. Garatea, a non profit that was started by Lucas Fonseca, a co-founder of Airvantis, was the institution that put the process in place for the country. On June 29 at 5:40AM, SpaceX is flying that experiment, along with all other experiments that were selected in EUA and Canada by the same program, to the International Space Station (#ISS) and all the people whose experiments are chosen are celebrating this at the Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum by having a two day ceremony.

Let’s congratulate all these students at 2018 SSEP National Conference whose experiments are going off into #microgravity #outerspace!

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