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Space engineer, and celestialdata Co-Founder & Chief Space Officer, Lucas Fonseca is featured in the February 2018 issue of Scientific American Brazil
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Co-Founder of celestialdata, Lucas Fonseca was profiled in Forbes magazine for his space launch company, Airvantis. “NewSpace start-up ‘Airvantis’ is aiming for a 2021 launch of Brazil’s first lunar probe that would circle the Moon in a highly- elliptical orbit. The hope is that the nominal six month cubesat mission’s
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Featuring Harumi Urata-Thompson by Harumi Urata-Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of celestialdata At the Executive Salon event curated by Insights Studio (Aleksandra Lacka, who was also a facilitator) and hosted at gorgeous Bank of America (thank you, Cristy Kaur) building! It was all girl panel with dr. Martina Zorc and Keri
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